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Shareholders & Directors Disputes

Disputes between members of a business are an increasingly common feature whether that be amongst members of a company, partnership or family-owned business. These disputes are often stressful and emotional. These disputes often require tact and diplomacy alongside legal knowledge to reach an effective resolution. We can advise on how to reach a resolution whether that be through litigation or other means of effective dispute resolution.


We can act for shareholders, members, directors, partners, LLP’s and companies whether that be small privately owned companies or family owned and run businesses in a wide range of disputes;

  • Unfair prejudice petitions for and against minority shareholders

  • Acting for shareholders in relation to breaches of shareholder agreements

  • Bringing and defending derivative actions

  • Acting on behalf of shareholders to enforce their rights to purchase or sell shares under sale and purchase agreements

  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims for and against directors, partners and LLP members

  • Fraud related disputes for and against directors, partners and LLP members

  • Director misfeasance claims

  • Acting on behalf of directors defending disqualification proceedings

  • Dissolution and termination of partnerships disputes about property and profit entitlements


We recognise the impact disputes can have on the commercial success of any business. We therefore explore all available options and the financial impact and available funding including litigation funding before evaluating and advising on the commercial benefits of litigation as compared to settlement. We continue to monitor the prospects of settlement throughout the various stages of a dispute as quite often the prospects of settlement increase over the lifetime of a dispute once evidence and documents are discovered.

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