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Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Corporate Fraud

Our extensive experience in dealing with complex fraud places us in a strong position when advising corporations on suspicious behaviour intended at defrauding a corporation or others. Many corporations do not wish for the publicity of criminal proceedings, notwithstanding they are equally alert to the dangers of doing nothing. In this instance we can assist through our technical knowledge of the law in relation to specific scenarios and follow through with a robust strategy to protect the corporation. We will conduct a thorough internal investigation to identify potential risks before determining the most appropriate action including potentially self-reporting. If appropriate and necessary, we can take legal action on behalf of the corporation to remedy the consequences of the fraudulent behaviour. We can deal with potential criminal investigations including SFO, HMRC and FCA investigations and prosecutions, however, our services extend beyond to internal investigations and private prosecutions.  


We can assist with a wide range of fraud related services including;


• Bribery

• Corruption

• Tax Fraud

• False Accounting

• Conspiracy to Defraud

• Insider Dealing

• Money Laundering

• Market Manipulation

• FCA Investigations

Dispute Resolution 

Disputes have become increasingly prevalent in modern day business and often stem around commercial constraints placed upon a business relationship where one or both parties feel that they have not achieved what they believed that ought to have. These are often complex scenarios involving a range of different aspects of a business transaction which could potentially involve arguments about contract delivery, property, intellectual property, professional negligence, fraud or a combination of several aspects. It is quite often the scenario that two opposing parties will continue to embroil in litigation as neither seems to want to stand down. However, as many business owners will appreciate, disputes have the potential to get ugly and expensive resulting in business disruption and reputational damage. Our approach is to use our best endeavours to prevent litigation wherever possible allowing our clients to continue with business as usual. We are to intervene on your behalf. 

No business likes to be entangled in legal proceedings but when matters get out of perspective there is often little option but to take action. Quite often a party makes assertions that are completely unfounded and out of conjecture. In such instances litigation maybe the only way forward. We at Richmond and Barnes can assure you that there will be no holding back when it comes to representing our clients. We have a wealth of knowledge and work alongside some of the UK's most prominent advocates to ensure a quality service. 

We can assist you in a range of disputes including;

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