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HMRC & Regulatory Investigations

Facing a regulatory investigation can be a daunting challenge for any business. However, where there is a genuine dispute, we can draw upon our years of experience in analysing evidence and presenting a scenario that could be instrumental in reaching a settlement with the regulator. Often disputes with regulatory bodies arise from a breakdown of communication and often with a little gentle persuasion a dispute can be resolved avoiding expensive litigation and the risk of reputational damage. Notwithstanding, if the regulator insists on taking action, you can rely upon us to build a strong defence.


We can assist with a wide range of investigations including;

·       HMRC 

·       Financial Conduct Authority

·       Environment Agency

·       Trading Standards

·       Financial Reporting Council

·       Prudential Regulation Authority

·       Health and Safety Executive

·       Planning Inspectorate

·       Independent Office for Police Conduct

·       Insolvency Service

·       Ofsted

We have successfully represented individuals and businesses subject to regulatory investigations including multi-agency investigations involving the police and local authorities.

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